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It was a Bon Voyage

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

An eclectic grIMG_4466oup of cars emerged at the Packhouse in Farnham on the morning of the start of the Wreck & Rouen charity rally. The 13 cars ranging from the more normal VW Golf to Volvos to Mercedes to a Cadillac and not forgetting our own Jaguar, fondly named Big Bertha. There should have been 14 cars however a catastrophic engine failure the day before the start put one VW Golf out of the running. This was a stark reminder of the age and potential fragility of the vehicles we had all acquired. Spending £350 on a car clearly does not guarantee reliability!




Graham & Barry get into the swing…Groovy

Following a briefing over a bacon sandwich we all left in convoy heading to the ferry at Dover, two hours later after an uneventful drive all cars arrived safely. We celebrated the minor miracle and breathed a sigh of relief that we were in fact all going to make it to France. The aim of the first day was to get to a campsite in Berny Riviere to the north east of Paris. Each day was to be accompanied by a set of challenges, day one included: obtain the largest garlic bulb you can find, finding out the cost of a live pigeon in Bapaume, taking a team selfie with a Peugeot 205, a boat and a piece of farm machinery, extra points added if a farmer was in the shot! Rather than head down the motorways we took the more scenic D roads, which are surprising smooth unlike our potholed UK roads. We arrived at the campsite in the early evening having ticked as many items off the challenges list as possible, the ‘who has the biggest garlic bulb’ judging in the evening was interesting…

IMG_4432Day two: With the aim of getting to Le Mans we had the choice of either driving through Paris or taking the country route to the south. We chose the latter on the advice that Paris was hosting a large exhibition that day and we did not want to risk Bertha overheating whilst stuck in traffic. The drive was fantastic, heading south towards Fontainebleau through the forests and mile after mile of open countryside. The daily challenges included taking selfies with a moated chateau, a windmill and what proved for us to be a very elusive Citroën 2CV. We also had to purchase the cheapest bottle of red wine possible and purchase a French beret. Again the beret proved elusive to us, having tried many shops the owners clearly thought we were mad trying to describe a beret in pigeon French, it appears that the national hat is now a beanie….. We were pleased with our cheap €1.40 bottle of Vin Rouge but were beaten with a bottle that had been purchased for €1.17! It hasn’t been opened yet but I’m guessing that it won’t improve with age.


The cars at Arnage Straight, Lemans

Day three: Waking up to a beautiful sunny day we headed to the famous Le Mans race circuit. Being partly a road circuit we drove the cars in convoy along Indianapolis Straight, around Indianapolis and Arnage corners and then back to the Mulsanne Straight stopping to absorb the moment and to take photos. The planned route for the day had us aiming for Dieppe on the coast via Rouen. The challenges for the day included: Taking the most imaginative photo of the day, taking a selfie with a Gendarme, with a Renault 5 and next to Avenue de Basingstoke which we had to locate. We managed to upset a Gendarme who really did not want us to take his photo (he had a gun so we retreated). We also upset a boulangerie owner whilst trying to measure his baguettes to obtain the longest one possible again to fulfill another challenge. Big Bertha continued to purr along trouble free even through some torrential rain around Rouen. We arrived at the waterlogged campsite in the early evening, thankfully the rain had passed as we pitched the tent. The judging of the daily challenges proved interesting with considerable debate over who had the longest baguette. We had high hopes for our imaginative photo having persuaded a Frenchman to take our picture whilst riding a larger than life sized model bull outside a steakhouse, however we were beaten by the ‘Oddballs’ team who had photographed themselves stripped to their underwear performing a mock baptism in a stream!

Day four wIMG_4502as a leisurely drive along the coast road finishing at Calais to catch the ferry just after lunch. Despite the damp conditions overnight and having passed 180,000 miles on the clock Bertha started ok and took the last bit of the French journey in her stride. Landing back on British soil we undertook the final part of the drive back to Farnham, all cars made it, which was quite remarkable considering their age and condition.

So in summary:

▪    Max Spend On Car = £350.

IMG_4512▪    Cars = 13.

▪    Participants = 33.

▪    Charities = Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Farnham & Step by Step, Aldershot.

▪    Days = 4.

▪    Miles = 900.


IMG_4514We had a great time and Big Bertha with her excellent wrap by Signseen put a smile on peoples faces. More importantly the two chosen charities will benefit from the £8,000 that has been raised so far. The Just Giving page is still open for anyone who would like to donate HERE

Technics are delighted to have been a headline sponsor and are looking forward to next years rally which is already being talked about, if you fancy taking part have a look HERE 

Technics go to Wreck and Rouen

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

We all love the idea of taking part in a Top Gear type challenge, so when the opportunity arose to be part of the Farnham Banger Rally we jumped at it. The Wreck and Rouen charity run is simple: buy a car for maximum £350, make sure it is legal and roadworthy then drive it from Surrey to Dover, ferry to Calais, drive to Paris, Le Mans, Rouen and then back to Blighty over a 4 day period at the end of August. photoThe planned route includes 3 nights camping and a series of challenges along the way. Technics are a headline sponsor and Chairman Graham Mills decided to enter a car with a friend. After a considerable search, which included turning down a few cars where the price tag of £350 was just too high (!), we found a suitable 1995 Jaguar Sovereign Sport. The car has had one careful owner followed by several that clearly could not care less, however we were sold on the fact that it came with full leather, air con, an electric aerial and a cassette player… Mechanically it appears to be sound and we figured that the large areas of rust would hopefully polish out.

In the spirit of making it a little more British and to hide the aforementioned rust our good friends at Signseen took a break from signwriting Technics’ vans and donated the covering of the Jag with a subtle wrap.


So the fun bit is getting the car and then, hopefully, successfully driving it to France and back, the important bit is the charities that will benefit. Two very worthy causes have been chosen: Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham and Step by Step an Aldershot based young persons homeless charity.

The car is fully financed by us so all money raised goes straight to the charities. On top of the corporate sponsorship we are trying to raise as much as possible, it would be great if you would like to put a few pounds in the pot, please go to HERE to donate. Many thanks.

For more information about the event take a look HERE . As the event progresses we will provide updates via Twitter on @TechnicsGroup and hopefully update the blog in September with the news that we and the car successfully made the journey.

The Use Of BIM In Dispute Resolution

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

In the September edition of Civil Engineering Surveyor magazine Alasdair Snadden wrote an article looking at how Building Information Modeling (BIM) can be used in the dispute resolution process. This got us thinking about how surveying could be used to assist in dispute resolution and particularly in the creation of a Building Model. Typically, surveying is undertaken in the early stages of a project and involves the creation of Topographic and Measured Building Surveys. Surveyors are then utilised to set out procedures, and in some cases in the production of built external and internal drawings, towards the later stages.

One of the clear objectives and benefits of BIM is that at the end of a construction project the model is still available for use within building maintenance, facilities management and as the basis of future modifications to the building, saving both time and money in the long term. The BIM created for construction purposes could be used in its original form for the entire life cycle of the building. Alternatively, for a more precise model, it’s possible to resurvey the building at various stages during the construction in order to use the data to create an accurate ‘as built’ BIM. The latter will require a resurvey during each building phase to ensure that accurate data of each element is recorded.


Consultancy contract win for St George’s Hill

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

St.Georges New LogoWe are delighted to announce that following a period of consultation Technics Group have been awarded a contract to undertake the production of specifications and processes for St George’s Hill in Weybridge. The multi faceted project will see the production of specifications and workflow for a GPS control framework, Hydrological Reports, Topographic Survey, Positional Construction Compliance and a workflow process that encompasses all areas.


Major New Geospatial Event Launched for 2014

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

GB14_logo-NoDates_Col-368x298 copyDiversified Business Communications UK has announced today the launch of GEO Business, a major new geospatial event incorporating an international trade exhibition, a cutting edge conference and a hands-on workshop and demonstration programme. GEO Business 2014 is scheduled to take place at the Business Design Centre in London on the 28-29 May 2014.

Organised in collaboration with the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES), the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), and The Survey Association (TSA), this new launch is the result of an extensive industry consultation process, which has highlighted the need for a joint cooperative event that involves all the major players representing the geospatial community.

GEO Business intends to establish itself as the key event for the industry, where everyone involved in the gathering, storing, processing and delivering of geospatial information will be in attendance. With this aim in mind, Diversified Business Communications UK has acquired interests in GEO North and GEO South from PV Publications, ensuring that GEO Business will be the only geospatial trade show and conference to be held in the UK.


Property Insurance Initiatives Inaugural Summer Event

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Speech2Graham Mills and Sam Lucking recently attended the inaugural Pii event held at the excellent East India Club in St James’s Square, London. A cross section of property professionals attended the event and were plied with champagne, wine and canapés whilst networking and listening to speeches. Graham gave a presentation on ‘Modern Surveying Methods’ which covered how surveying has changed in recent years, the significant increase in speed of data capture, new survey scanning instruments, Small Unmanned Aircraft, Building Information Modelling and the benefits all of this progression will bring to clients.Technics Group were delighted to be invited to the event and look forward to working with the team at Property Insurance Initiatives in the future.

image001 can be found at


The Importance of Utility Mapping

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

What is Utility Mapping?

A utility map shows the positioning and identification of buried pipes and cables beneath the ground. The procedure involves detecting things like sewers, electric cables, telecoms cables, gas and water mains. Combine this mapping process with a topographical survey and the results will provide you with a comprehensive detailed map of anything that is hidden underground or directly related to any above ground features. 


Example Utility Survey

Example of a utility map.



Technics Nominated For 2013 Surrey Property Awards

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Technics Group is proud to announce their nomination for the ‘Best Professional Property Services Company’ at the Surrey Property Awards for the second year running.

The award is based on the votes received from each of our clients and the public who thought we ‘went above and beyond the call of duty’, which makes the nomination particularly special.

We appreciate your continued support by voting for us again. Winning the award in 2012 gave us comfort that our clients really do value our services and helps motivate our staff to raise standards each year.

This year the competition is particularly stiff with the awards being extended to Architects, Surveyors and Accountants. That’s why we still need your votes to help us win the 2013 awards that will be held at Glive on November 1st.

To give Technics Group your vote for, please click here & follow the links or click the button below.



Team Technics Charity Golf Day

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

The Technics Group team were invited to a charity golf day run by SCCS on 5th July 2013 at Wyboston Lakes Golf Centre.

On the very suave Technics Group golf team we had:

  • Andrew Webb- QA Manager
  • Adam Harwood- QA Manager
  • Andrew Bullen- Project Manager
  • James Regan- Junior Surveyor



The Charterfield Project

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Tim Edwards, Co-Founder

Technics Group have just completed the latest phase of works on an on-going project with Charterfield Asset Management. Charterfield Co-Founder Tim Edwards tells us how Technics Group contributed to a successful project:

In 2010 we purchased a 400 acre site in an area of highly sensitive environmental biodiversity and national landscape designations including Green Belt, AGLV and AONB. The existing properties are Listed Grade 11 and were subject to considerable restrictions in potential development terms.

In 2011 we submitted an elaborate and complicated planning application that incorporated a significant change of use for the land and buildings. The application comprised of a new golf course (situated on 200 acres), clubhouse, maintenance building and separate hotel, spa, health club, restaurant complex and staff residential accommodation. This amounted to a total area of around 80,000 square feet of new build or extensively refurbished buildings.

The application was successfully approved by the local council in 2012.