CCTV Surveys

Technics provides accurate and efficient data using high-quality CCTV drain inspection camera technology. We deliver digital drawings referenced to topographic and utility mapping data to our clients, with recommendations for drainage remedial works.

The benefits of CCTV surveys

The quality of imagery generated by our CCTV inspection equipment ensures a high level of certainty in compiling our survey results. We can inspect our clients’ drain and sewer networks to identify the condition, invert levels, flow directions and connections.

Additionally, our reports can be delivered alongside a DVD of high-quality camera footage, providing context for the information detailed within our reports. For more information on how a CCTV survey can meet your needs, get in touch with our team of experts on 01483 230 080 or email


How we carry out CCTV surveys of drains and ducts

Using a suite of CCTV survey units, we undertake professional internal pipe cleaning, inspection and reporting.

The information generated by our CCTV surveys can be supplied as a standalone written report, backed up by a menu-driven DVD containing the actual camera footage. Alternatively, the information can be supplied in conjunction with a utility survey, where pipe references can be correlated between video footage, reports and drawings, or as part of a GIS asset management database.


What will you receive from a CCTV survey?

We can provide our clients with a number of deliverables to provide maximum clarity around our surveys, including:

To discuss your requirements, please call our team of experts onΒ 01483 230 080Β or emailΒ