Desktop Utility Reports

When planning any kind of excavation works, it is crucial to know where the underground utilities in the area are located; the most inexpensive and hassle-free way to gain this information is by commissioning a Desktop Utility Report.

What is a Desktop Utility Report?

The Technics Desktop Utility Report, produced in partnership with emapsite and Groundsure, plays a vital role in planning for any excavation project. This desk-based study is the first step in identifying underground utilities via the collation and analysis of existing utility records.

The Desktop Utility Report forms the basis of several stages in the construction process. The report is used as a starting point in: record validation via visual inspection, precise utility location detection using EML and GPR, and utility location verification through intrusive inspection (trial holes or vacuum excavation).

Failing to gather this information to help plan proposed excavation work can lead to potential accidents, lawsuits, time-overruns and expensive rescheduling exercises. The Desktop Utility Report therefore forms an essential element of any ground-based project.

What report options are there?

We collate all statutory plans from utility service providers within the agreed site area. Technics Group supply a report in an easy-to-read format, with a clear site plan, contents page and utility service provider plans organised by utility type. To find out more, download our Example Desktop Survey Essential Report or our Example Desktop Survey Premium Report.

For sites with a radius of less than 250 metres, the following options are available:

Essentials Report

5 Key Suppliers
5 Days

£355.00 + VAT

Essentials Report

5 Key Suppliers

£462.50 + VAT

Premium Report

All Suppliers
10 Days

£462.50 + VAT

Premium Report

All Suppliers
5 Days

£569.00 + VAT

For sites above this size, quotations are available on a project-by-project basis.

Our digitisation service (GLASS) is available for all sites, whereby supplier plans are traced onto OS Base Mapping within AutoCAD. We offer three different deliverable options for our digitisation service: Basic, Intermediate or Advanced and each can be tailored to meet your requirements by adding or removing vital/unnecessary attributes or data. Please visit our digitisation service (GLASS) page to find out more.

Why do I need one?

  • Ensure compliance with BSI PAS-128 Standard, Survey Type D, QL-D
  • Ensure compliance with HSE Regulations
  • Ensure compliance with NRSWA 91, HSG47 & CDM Regulations
  • Minimise planning and preparation time
  • Avoid expensive rescheduling
  • Assure that sufficient plan detail is available on-site
  • Provide quick access to utility company data
  • Remove the need to register for utility company data services

Which suppliers are included?

Our Desktop Utility Report sources responses from an average of 90 suppliers, out of our total list of over 130, to ensure that you receive details on every supplier within your site area.

The suppliers contacted operate in the areas of:

  • Gas supply
  • Water and sewerage supply
  • Electricity supply
  • Oil and fuel supply
  • Telecommunications and cabling
  • Transportation and infrastructure, including:
    • Network Rail
    • Crossrail
    • London Underground
    • Transport for London
    • Tram networks

Our list of utility suppliers is constantly reviewed to ensure that we provide you with the most up to date information possible.

If a full, comprehensive search of all suppliers is not required, the Technics Group Essentials Report is the ideal solution. The Essentials Report includes responses for each region’s main supplier of Gas, Electricity, Water, Sewer and BT Openreach. This is an ideal way to gain the basic information on a site without incurring the cost of a Premium Report.

What format does it come in?

The following formats are available for a Technics Group Utility Report:

  • A professional, easy to read PDF report, including a clear site plan, contents page and utility service provider plans organised by utility type.
  • A digitised drawing provided in DWG/DXF/SHP formats, whereby each utility is traced onto OS Base Mapping to provide a fully interactive product. This provides a clearer view of utilities, displaying them all in one place.

Why use Technics?

Technics has more than 30 years’ experience providing high quality consulting and surveying services with top of the range technology.

With Technics, you won’t just receive a report. Our expert engineers are on hand to offer you the advice you need to progress to the next stage of planning for any excavation works. When you choose Technics we can confidently say you are talking to real experts.

Our team of experts can analyse the report, map the utilities using the latest technology and even verify their exact location with our vacuum excavation service.

Take a look at Our Services page to find out more about the additional services we can offer. From PAS 128 surveys and vacuum excavation, to ground investigation surveys… the team at Technics can do it all.

If you would like more information regarding Utility Reports or a quotation for your site, please call Stephen Sawyer on 01483 230080 or email