Guildford Construction Consultants

Technics headquarters is in the South East of the UK, in Guildford, Surrey. Our Guildford office offers the necessary support to our team for delivering consultative solutions to the experts in the construction and development industry.

Services Offeredย 

We provide a range of services to meet our client’s needs across the UK. Our team utilises the right technology to gather essential information and data, to improve the decision-making throughout the project lifecycle. ย 

The services we offer include:ย 

With multiple accreditations in the construction industry, we possess the versatility to apply our expertise across various sectors. Our extensive experience includes work spanning the health, defence, transportation, energy, and property sectors.ย 

Get in Touch With Our Guildford Teamย ย 

Here at Technics, we pride ourselves on delivering a service of the very highest order to ensure the success of our clientsโ€™ projects.ย ย 

If you have any questions about our expertise, services or project programme, please email us atโ€ฏ, call us on 01483 230 080,โ€ฏor simply ask us a question in the form to the right of this page.ย 


Technics House
Merrow Business Park

01483 230 080