GLASS – Utility Plan Digitisation

Utility companies often supply plans in a variety of formats and to a number of scales, which has the potential to cause confusion to an end-user. At Technics we offer a simple solution: the Geo Layered Asset Survey System (GLASS), otherwise known as utility plan digitisation.

What is digitisation?

There are many modern GIS data creation methods, however the most common method is digitisation. Digitisation is the process of taking a static copy of a map or survey plan and transferring it into an interactive, digital medium through the use of a CAD programme and georeferencing capabilities.

Utility plan digitisation (GLASS) collates statutory plans from utility providers into a clear and coherent format, from which we can ensure maximum transparency and efficiency. The information on each statutory plan is overlaid onto OS Base Mapping in AutoCAD, providing all utilities in a single, combined view and eliminating any usability issues which may occur when attempting to work from a set of independent plans.

As a leading provider of Desktop Survey reports, we draw from over 130 utility suppliers, all of whom are compliant with quality level D of PAS 128. Available as a DWG or PDF file, digitisation gives you a clear view of the subsurface utilities in your site in a format that suits you.

Who can benefit from digital GIS mapping?

The convenience and clarity provided by having a single coherent plan from which to work can aid in producing accurate, swift decisions at a range of levels and with a variety of different parties. These include:

  • Construction Companies
  • House Builders
  • Property Developers
  • Home-owners
  • Solicitors
  • Environmental consultants

How can digital utility plans be ordered?

Digital utility plans are available as an add-on to all Technics utility reports. Simply specify that you would like to make use of this service and we will provide a quotation to you as soon as your utility report has been compiled.
To order a digitised utility report (GLASS), please contact the team on 01483 230 080 or email