Geotechnical Surveys

Geotechnical surveys and investigations are an essential starting point for the design of any construction project. Find out how a geotechnical survey can support your next project.

What is a geotechnical survey?

Before a site is re-developed the first step should be commissioning a geotechnical survey. Specialist geotechnical engineers and geologists collect information on a range of vital factors that can affect any project, including:

  • Geology
  • Soil consistency, strength, structure
  • Groundwater
  • Potential for contamination

Data obtained from the geotechnical survey is used to generate a ground model and this used to provide expert, cost-effective recommendations. A survey is needed for all development projects whether your in the defence sector or property sector.

What does a geotechnical survey include?

The survey is a combination of desk-based research and thorough investigations, tailored to fit the specific needs of the project. The desk-based research draws upon our wealth of experience and expertise and is a very cost-effective way to gain an initial understanding of ground conditions. It can be used to target and minimise the often more costly intrusive works. Services provided by Technics include:

  • Desk-based assessment of a site’s history, geology, hydrogeology, hydrology
  • Geological mapping and surveys
  • Intrusive investigations including; boreholes, window sample holes, probing, trial pits
  • Monitoring of groundwater and ground gas
  • Laboratory testing
  • Geotechnical design
  • Construction support

Whatever methods prove to be most relevant to your project, and subject to your needs, we will use the services to provide:

  • Geotechnical reports
  • Contamination assessment reports
  • Recommendations and designs for aspects such as; foundations, highways/pavements, slopes, underground structures, ground movement, retaining systems, earthworks.

Have more questions about what would be included in your geotechnical survey?  Contact our project management team at our Guildford office or email to find out more.