What Lies Beneath – Desktop utility reporting and the first step in safety

Utility strikes – The UK experiences over 60,000 each year, with consequences ranging from explosions to floods, to life-threatening injuries for onsite personnel. The financial implications of utility strikes are estimated to amount to over £2.4 billion each year. 

A simple side street or residential neighbourhood can hide a wide range of utilities including electricity cabling; water and sewerage pipes; gas lines; a variety of telecoms cables; and more, laid by a myriad of individual utility providers with little in the way of interconnectivity or shared geography. 

Figure 1: A simple side street in London

If steps are not taken to locate these utilities before a project begins, every breaking of ground has the potential to be costly, time-consuming, and even dangerous or fatal. 

How can I stop this from happening? 

The first step in protecting your staff, your reputation, and your business is the completion of a Desktop Utility Report. This will ensure that you have plans showing all utility plant laid in your area sourced direct from the utility providers themselves, an invaluable safety resource.   

Here at Technics, we provide Desktop Utility Reports showing utility information in a clear, concise format, perfect for use as a starting point in record validation via visual inspection, precise utility location detection using Electro-Magnetic Locators (EML) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), and utility location verification utilising Suction Excavation.  

Technics offers a range of services to safeguard utilities, providing you with safe, effective, and reliable methods to protect your assets, people, programme, and budget. 

To learn more about Desktop Utility Reports and the complete range of services offered by Technics, please visit our Services pages. To discuss your project with us, kindly call one of our offices to speak with our Customer Relationship Managers or send an email to enquiries@technicsgroup.com.