Permit to Dig

Technics’ suite of utility mapping services not only minimise the risk to personnel and protect underground assets they also reduce potential delays to a construction project.

Our Permit to Dig service provides greater confidence with its formal process for stakeholders, before any excavation works are undertaken

What is a Permit to Dig?

Permit to dig is a formal management system used to control the high-risks of excavation works. Technics’ permit system controls and minimises risks to workforce and utilities on site. It also helps to reduce the chance of a costly and high-risk utility strikes and can manage design costs.

Technics’ Permit to Dig system includes:

  • All permits and licences for site work.
  • Compilation of all survey data.
  • Identification of utilities on site.
  • On-site mark out of utilities using appropriate methods (spray paint included).
  • Identification and mark out of any exclusion zones.
  • Experienced and fully trained QCF Level 5 surveying staff on hand during site works.
  • Briefing of other contractors and verification of their digging methods.
  • All services uncovered accurately located and included in the final survey.
  • Full permit pack delivered upon completion including all survey data and plans.

Where a formal permit system isn’t necessary, you can verify the position and type of utilities with the highest level of detection available using our Vacuum Excavation service.

The Risks of Excavations

Cable strikes carry high risks and costs; injury or fatality of site staff, programme delays, high commercial impacts with penalties and repair costs and reputation damage.

Further risks can include:

  • Contractors not using the latest version of utility drawings.
  • Misinterpretation of utility drawings on site.
  • Time pressure to achieve excavation commercial targets.
  • Survey grade Electro-magnetic or Ground Penetrating Radar equipment not being utilised.
  • Delays caused by obtaining permits from the utility providers.

By using Technics’ bespoke Permit to Dig system, we can manage these risks, ensuring all processes and procedures are in place ensuring minimal risk and delay to any project

How Technics can support your project

Technics has many years’ experience in detecting underground utilities and working with contractors in multiple environments. We provide Permit to Dig at Heathrow Airport and multiple sites for HS2 using their robust management system.

Our Permit to Dig system can work side-by-side with our vacuum excavation service or by using clients’ contractors for digging and installation services.

To discuss your project with us, please call our offices or email to speak to our team of experts.