3D CAD Building Models

The world around us is in 3 Dimensions. Increased use of 3D design software has led to the requirement for full 3D models of buildings instead of traditional 2D floor plans and elevations.

Helping people to understand how a proposed building will fit into a street scene or demonstrating what the internal layout of a refurbished property will look like can overcome objections and allow changes to be made prior to planning or construction.

Technics has the ability to capture data in 3D both traditionally and with Laser Scanners and then produce detailed 3D models of the built environment.

Computer Generated Images (CGI’s) are produced for Town Planners, Architects and Developers to assist them through both the planning and the marketing stages of their projects.

We can provide you with:-

  • 3D CAD models of any structure or building
  • 3D CAD models of internal building structures
  • 3D digital terrain models of land
  • Wire frame or rendered models
  • Digital street scene photography
  • Digital or printed visualizations
  • Video fly- throughs

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