Technics Careers – Sai Krishna

Sai Krishna began his career with Technics as a Trainee Surveyor in January 2023. He has since made great progress through the Technics training programme and was recently promoted to the position of Junior Utility Surveyor at our Guildford office. We had the opportunity to speak to Sai about his journey with Technics and his future goals.  

Sai, congratulations on your promotion. How would you describe your time with Technics?  

“I have had a wonderful journey, starting as a trainee and eventually becoming an assistant surveyor. During this period, I have gained a lot of experience and learned about the company’s values and mission. When I started as a trainee, Technics allowed me to learn and train in different sites, including live projects.” 

“As an assistant surveyor, I have taken on more responsibilities, supporting both my lead surveyor and junior staff.” 

What has been the biggest surprise?  

“Becoming a Junior Surveyor from a trainee position in a very short period was the biggest surprise for me. Technics has always been a good trainer and encourages people to reach their desired goals and targets.” 

What were you doing before you joined Technics?  

“My previous roles included a Site Engineer with a Building and Civils contractor and a CAD Engineer drafting design specifications and preparing cost-benefit analysis reports. In January 2022, I graduated from Kingston University with an MSc in Management in Construction.” 

What is the next target in your career development plan?  

“My ultimate goal is to attain the position of Senior Utility Surveyor. To accomplish this, I have a bespoke training plan with an outlined structured path encompassing both professional development and skill acquisition.” 

Outlined within this plan are three distinct levels to be achieved as a Junior Surveyor, followed by an additional three levels as a Surveyor. Concurrently, I am committed to undertaking the QCF Level 3 and QCF Level 5 qualifications, and a Diploma in Engineering with The Survey Association. Alongside these academic pursuits, I am dedicated to acquiring NRSWA certification and completing an SSSTS training course.” 

“This multifaceted approach to my development plan is designed to equip me with the necessary expertise, knowledge, and qualifications to progressively advance in my career towards the esteemed position of Senior Utility Surveyor.” 

What would you say to anyone considering a career with Technics?  

“I will demonstrate how Technics aligns with their Values, Vision, and Mission, and share the success of my journey from Trainee to Junior Surveyor.” 

 If you would like to be part of the Technics training and development plan to ensure career progression, please visit our careers page. We look forward to hearing from you.