UAV Surveys

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) provide high-resolution imagery from remote areas to give you a greater insight into your site. UAV surveys are suitable for a variety of purposes, these include:

  • Site inspections – to assess the size, quality and nature of the site providing you with an aerial perspective that will give your client a more detailed picture.


  • Construction visuals – quality control, build analysis and progress reporting are all vital for stakeholders to stay up to date on the latest development. Our platforms can produce imagery from all aspects to keep everyone informed.
  • Building surveying – reducing the risk to personnel working at height, we can produce survey data for your inspection from the safety of the office.
  • Marketing material – the aerial perspective can provide you with a powerful marketing tool. We can produce high-resolution photographs and videos tailored and shot to your exact needs.

By using the latest UAV technology Technics can capture varying data sets; once collated our quality assurance team assessed and verifies all the detail is accurate and fulfils your desired specification.

What information is included in a UAV survey?

A typical UAVΒ will include aerial photography or video of the site. The different methodologies employed are dependent on your requirements.

We can include still aerial photography to provide a bird’s eye perspective of your site, a high quality
video, a specialised orthomosaic image, 3D point cloud data that can be used with BIM and architecture.

How much does it cost?

Following our initial discussion with you to understand the purpose of the survey, we can define the details of the site and agree a specification of works. We will then provide you with our fee proposal that will include a project programme and the deliverables.

For more information or to discuss how this technology can add value to your project, please call our office onΒ 01483 230 080Β or email to speak to our team of experts.