Vacuum Excavation

To complement our utility mapping solutions further, Technics now employ a vacuum excavation service. This technology provides a non-destructive solution for visual inspection of the exact positions of buried services.

What is Vacuum Excavation?

The Vacuum excavator is a safe technique to expose the position of underground services with jet air or water to loosen the soils. After the soil and materials are loosened, they are extracted through a high power suction hose into the spoil/debris tank which is later used for backfilling or disposal.

In line with the PAS 128 specification quality level QL-A, Vacuum excavation provides a verification process for exposing utilities to determine their type, depth, size and position. This can provide an accurate location with visual inspections for record purposes.

What are the benefits of Vacuum Excavation?

Using Ground Penetrating Radar along with Vacuum excavation technology significantly reduces the need for manual handling and hand digging. Technics solution is far more efficient and significantly reduces the risks to site personnel.

  • This non-mechanical excavation solution can also be employed in inaccessible areas for traditional machinery.
  • Technics Vacuum excavator service eliminates the potential issues at design stage for construction projects.
  • The test holes can be as small as 20cm ², minimising the risk of excavation collapse
  • Backfilling the existing spoil from the Vacuum excavator tank is cost-effective and beneficial to the environment. Technics can also separate any contaminated soil and dispose of in line with the correct legislation.


Why choose Technics?

Technics has over 27 years of experience utilising EML and Ground Penetrating Radar technology prior to excavation. Our Vacuum Excavation service includes the following as standard:

  • Handle the procurement of utility asset records require before any excavation or we can carry out a utility mapping survey prior to excavations.
  • Manage the permits to dig process
  • Manage the traffic management requirements
  • Accurately survey the exposed utilities
  • Reinstate the materials (subject to approval) or manage the removal of the materials if required
  • Provide provision for detailed drawings of all detected and exposed utilities using multiple technologies

Why choose Technics for your land, building or utility survey?

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