Mobile GPR Surveys

Technics’ Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) solution from IDS enables large areas of high quality data capture below the ground with detection accuracy better than 5cm.

40 antennas ensure a high sampling density that results in accurate 3D modelling of the subsurface and ease of detecting buried targets and anomalies. The use of both polarizations provides optimal detection of main and junction pipes at the same time.

The Benefits of Using Ground Penetrating Radar Technology

Interfaced with GPS technology, dual frequency polarised antennas at a speed of 12.5mph mean that Technics can scan a two metre swathe, in one direction, to detect features running both longitudinal and transversal beneath the surface of the ground. It also allows for many miles to be surveyed per day boosting productivity.

With no static traffic management being required, this high-speed utility mapping solution helps to minimise costs, time and risk of personnel working on live carriageway projects.

Employing the Technics Stream system with Electro-magnetic locators (EML), facilitates Technics to achieve the highest quality level for locating utilities as detailed in the PAS 128 Survey.

Technics can also capture data in restricted areas with a quick reconfiguration of the Stream EM frame. The Hi-Mod multi frequency array system can be extracted with optional trolleys by compiling 1-4 antennas to capture data within restricted areas and pavements.

Technics has a selection of post processing solutions to analyse the large data sets collected by the mobile GPR solution. The IDS GRED HD platform enables the user to investigate large quantities of data using the enhanced graphic interface.

Technics also has the option to post process the GPR data using GPR CAD and GPR – slice. All of our data suites enable us to produce the results in various outputs to suit the client including; 3D visualisations, CAD/GIS exportation of GPR data and 3D targets.

To book a demonstration or discuss your project with us, please call our Guildford office on 01483 230 080 or email us at enquiries@technicsgroup.comΒ to speak to our team of experts.