Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that supports architects, engineers and contractors to unlock greater efficiency in construction projects by providing detailed digital representations.

The digital transformation in construction aligns with how we embrace the gains in efficiency through technology to manage projects in the built environment. BIM sets out a process through a series of specifications to maximise collaboration, productivity and increase the lifespan of the clients’ asset.

The BIM model is not a physical object or entity it is a digital platform for how consultants share project data in a common data environment. The data or model can include specifications, schedules, environmental reports and cost planning. The 3D drawings of the proposed or existing building/structure are also uploaded into the common data environment. This 3D model is linked to the shared data and becomes a live interactive graphical representation of the asset. The 3D model can be managed to evaluate data once imported, visualise the impact and monitor any changes particularly at design and construction stage.

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What are the benefits of BIM?

  • BIM can help clients visualise the evolution of their asset from design to operation.
  • Increased productivity through each key stage minimises rework and potential conflicts between consultants in design, construction and operation.
  • Risk is negated by the common data environment shared through a BIM digital model.
  • It highlights any clash detection in design and reduces significant changes during the construction stage.
  • BIM supports a greater strategy in sustainability. In the early stages, an environmental analysis can be undertaken to explore the building orientation, impact on the neighbourhood, energy use and daylight.

Technics recognise the benefits of BIM and its implementation in how it consults their clients at the tender stage. The level of detail for our digital output is critical for a project.

Investing the time to understand the project purpose, the long-term plan for the asset and how our data will be used by each consultant will save both time and money.

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