Site Engineering Surveys

Site engineering surveys are vital to facilitate the design, construction and management of your asset.

What is a site engineering survey?

Using a theodolite total station and precise levelling equipment, a site engineering survey provides an accurate location of new features and structures such as:

  • Foundations
  • Pile positions, pile caps, contiguous walls
  • Building locations
  • Roads, highways and haul roads
  • Levels, datums and height transfer
  • Drainage systems
  • Steel positions and bolt holes
  • Concrete shutter lines and slab extents
  • Glazing positions, shoes, mullion and transom lines

Site Engineering Surveys from Technics

Why would I need a site engineering survey?

With complex building design and site environments, itโ€™s increasingly important for digital data to be checked, verified and established on site to an agreed tolerance. Managing the data, validating it on site and checking as-built structures / assets is paramount.

With multiple consultants involved throughout each stage of a project, itโ€™s vital for coordinated digital data to be reported with an efficient process.

What is a Site Engineering Survey

Technicsโ€™ experience with site engineering surveys

Technicsโ€™ site engineering portfolio includes single residential properties to major buildings such as hotels, offices and hospitals. We can provide you with:

  • As-built surveys
  • Dimensional control from the beginning to the end of a project
  • Major project control and grid networks
  • Precision setting out
  • Boundary setting out
  • Coordinate calculation
  • Ongoing project and as-built drawings and reports
  • Precise comparison to design drawings
  • Profile boards, batter rails and site datums
  • Quality Assurance data and as-set-out drawings

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