EV Charging Station Installation

As we move closer to the Government’s revised zero-emission vehicles by 2035, the sales of electric vehicles will continue to rise. The rollout of sufficient EV infrastructure to cope with this increased demand continues at pace.Β 

At Technics, we support the move towards a more sustainable future and are committed to helping our clients install these EV charging stations as safely as possible. Prior to installation, our comprehensive laser scanning and utility surveys can be used to measure the critical assets on site and identify the potential ground obstructions that may impede the seamless installation of these charging points.Β 

Our team of expert surveyors have extensive experience in laser scanning and underground utility mapping surveys specifically for EV charging stations. In fact, since 2020, we have worked on more than 150 sites carrying out utility surveys to facilitate the design and installation of Electric Vehicle charging points at petrol stations across the UK.Β Β 

The accurate and precise data we provide gives our clients assurances that these EV charging points can be safely installed without any worry of hitting any buried services. Minimising risk and keeping projects on track is at the heart of what we do at Technics after all.Β 

With the revised 2035 deadline set, we’re fully expecting the demand for electric charging points to intensify further. So do get in touch with the team at Technics to be sure that you have all the data you need to safely install these EV charging points and keep your projects moving forward.

To discuss your EV infrastructure project with us, please call one of our offices and speak to one of our experts or email enquiries@technicsgroup.com