Digital Mapping Data

Technics offers a wide range of digital mapping data to supplement our multiple services.

Working in partnership with emapsite, we provide market-leading, specialist products as well as standard industry-wide data to help ensure our clients work from the most up to date sources.

With a large network of suppliers, including Ordnance Survey, mapping data can be procured quickly and easily through our portal – a service that is accessible to third parties and contacts as well as to our clients.



The benefits of digital mapping data

  • Access a wide range of mapping and location data
  • Free to view the latest mapping
  • No additional software needed
  • Site-centred and flexible formats
  • Bespoke CAD formats available
  • Reprocessing your data free of charge

Buy mapping now

Popular products include

OS MasterMap Topography Layer

OS MasterMap Topography Layer is the most detailed and accurate view of Great Britain’s landscape – from roads and fields to buildings and trees, as well as fences, paths and more. Available in multiple CAD and GIS formats. Available in multiple CAD and GIS formats, this data can be used in addition to topographic surveys.

3D and Terrain Data

Download multiple formats of 3D and terrain data for 3D modelling, flood assessments and feasibility studies. This data can be enhanced with 3D laser scanning, topographic surveys, measured building surveys, and 3D modelling in Revit format.

Aerial Imagery

Geo-referenced and geo-corrected aerial photography of Great Britain captured over a range of dates and supplied at a choice of resolutions. UAV surveys and topographic surveys can also be provided to increase the accuracy and detail required for planning and construction.

Groundsure Insight

Detailed and accurate mapping data of environmental, geological, and historical land use. Technics use this data as a basis for geotechnical and geophysical surveys.