EV Charging Point Installations

With the escalating demand for electric vehicles, the need for additional Electric Vehicle charging points across the UK has intensified.

Our client, MBH Design Studio and their stakeholders have very much been leading the way with the rollout of these EV charging point installations at petrol stations all over the UK. And we’re delighted that the services we offer have played a part in keeping them ahead of the game with this rollout.

Since 2020, Technics have been working closely with MBH carrying out utility surveys at multiple petrol stations across the UK to facilitate the design and installation of Electric Vehicle charging points. Knowing where utilities are located in the ground is crucial before starting any construction or excavation project, but it is even more important for petrol stations where the risk of striking buried services combined with highly flammable materials on site would not only be costly but also highly dangerous.

To date, we have worked on more than 150 sites for MBH gathering predominantly utility mapping data and were required topographical surveys. For many of these sites, we delivered an initial statutory utility search report before handing over the findings to our expert, specialist surveyors to carry out a PAS 128 QL-B utility and topographical mapping survey of the site.

Examples of fuel tanks detected using GPR

We minimised the risk involved by detecting fuel tanks and buried services using Ground Penetrating Radar within the specified areas for each site.

A Collaborative Approach….

During the initial planning stages, our team of experts worked closely with MBH to tailor a survey specification for the proposed installation sites. In order to maintain a cost-effective approach, whilst not compromising on the quality of results, we decided on a dual survey methodology approach. We undertook PAS:128 Type B M4P Specification on areas where breaking ground and other intrusive works were taking place. Then, we utilised a PAS:128 Type B M2 approach across the rest of the site where intrusive works were not taking place.

Enhanced Methodology…

Due to the tight programme, we also enhanced our methodology for the laser scanning process to increase our capacity and delivery of multiple sites. We utilised modern equipment, improved our workflows, created better efficiencies and upskilled members of the team to ensure we were able to capture precise and accurate data whilst sticking to the tight deadlines involved.

Reliable Data….

The accurate and precise data we have provided has given our client complete peace of mind that these EV charging points can be safely installed without any worry of hitting any fuel tanks or buried services. Minimising risk and keeping projects on track is at the heart of what we do at Technics after all.

Minimal Disruption on Site…

As with many of our projects, our expert surveyors needed to carry out the surveys with minimal disruption on site. The majority of the sites were fully operational and as such our surveyors needed to gather the required data whilst the petrol stations remained safely open to the public.

Quick Turnaround…

We pride ourselves on being able to meet our clients’ needs and tight deadlines and that has been a big factor with this project. As a result of the great relationship we have with MBH, we have been able to quickly turn around quotes for these sites, which can come in batches of between 5 and 60 sites at any given time, as well as being able to juggle workloads to ensure we can be on site as quickly as necessary once instructed.

Utility Survey output drawing taken from one of the sites

Andrew Palmer, one of our Customer Relationship Managers at Technics commented :

“MBH has been a loyal client of ours for many years and we are delighted to have been given the opportunity to work so closely with them on this ongoing mammoth project. So far our experienced surveyors have delivered utility surveys for over 150 sites helping MBH deliver for their end client and stay ahead of the game in getting these new charging stations installed at many of their sites.

Central to the success of this ongoing project, has been the close working relationship we have developed between MBH and Technics and we hope that continues for many years to come.”

From a Technics perspective, it has been great to be involved in a project that has sustainability at the heart of it. We are always looking for ways in which we can be more sustainable, so to be involved in a project that is in line with the Government’s ambitious sustainability targets has been very rewarding for us.

As we approach the revised 2035 deadline, we expect a notable surge in the demand for EV charging point installations in the UK. To guarantee the smooth progress of your projects, we encourage you to reach out to the Technics team and explore how you can access essential data to ensure the secure installation of EV charging points for your projects. 

To find out more about the full range of services Technics offer please visit Our Services pages. To discuss your project with us, please call one of our offices to speak to our Customer Relationship Managers or email enquiries@technicsgroup.com