Underground Surveying

Underground surveying identifies and maps assets beneath the surface, in particular the position and depth of utilities, structures and potential hazards that could impact on planned construction project, such as a new property development on a piece of land. This data supports the feasibility, design and construction of UK infrastructure projects.

The surveys are conducted from ground level with non-intrusive techniques. Advances in specialist mapping technology transmit an electro-magnetic or radio wave pulse into the ground and the data captured is analysed in software to determine the position of utilities from plastic pipes, structures, voids and any anomalies.

Technology Used in Our Underground Surveying Services

Some of the technology used in our underground surveying includes:

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Vacuum Excavation technology provides the highest level of utility inspection. The exact position of the utility or structures is exposed with a compressed air lance to loosen the ground and the vacuum extracts the soil and materials into an adjoined tank for minimum disruption.

With the utility asset fully exposed, the visual inspection is accurately measured with survey instruments and a photographic record is taken.

Vacuum Excavation provides a low-impact solution for the operatives and on the environment. The speed of mobilisation and excavation minimises possible disruption to local homes and businesses. In comparison to traditional mechanical excavators, Vacuum Excavation protects the underground assets from a potential strike that can cause injury to workers and damage the utility that could result in disruption to the local neighbourhood.

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