3D Model of a Bridge Structure

Our client, a Transport Infrastructure Consultant, needed our expertise to create a 3D model of a bridge structure. The purpose of creating the model was to enable structural engineers to assess the bearing load of the 3 span bridge and assist in the future refurbishment and improvement of the structure.

The requirement was to model bridge abutments, central piers and spandrel walls including some stonework to the south of the structure. We were also able to include the road above as well as the parallel steel pedestrian walkway and sluice system.Β Β 

A complex model…

Completing the 3D model of the bridge structure was a very challenging exercise as the model consisted of a range of MEP and structural elements. The complexity of abutment and central pier’s profiles required our Revit specialists to use a variety of tools and modelling techniques to provide the accurate model.



Majority of this model has been presented to Level of Detail 3 (LOD3). However some specific elements like head wall elevations and structural members of the steel pedestrian walkway were provided to LOD4 as requested by the client to enable even more precise assessment of these elements. This will assist our client in the future re-design and re-construction process.Β Β Β 



Multiple benefits for the client…

Using BIM during design, build or refurbishment projects allows for faster, safer and less wasteful construction empowering sustainable operation and maintenance. It provides straightforward evaluation of the impact of the proposed design changes.

Our BIM Manager, Adam Bogus commented β€œThe close communication with the client prior to and during the modelling work were extremely important in providing a bespoke and precise BIM model on time and on budget. As the design and refurbishment process continues, this model can be constantly updated with the latest information from all contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Subsequently saving our client and their stakeholders time and money through the project.”

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