Retaining Wall Investigation : Business Park, Surrey

Technics were appointed to carry out a retaining wall investigation for a business park in Surrey. Situated on a light industrial estate benched into a slope, cracking and deformation was noted to a retaining wall on the park and concerns were raised about its stability. Β 

We undertook a series of foundation inspection pits along the run of the retaining wall to investigate the existing foundations to enable assessment of the wall and remedial actions. Due to the potential instability of the wall, the pits were undertaken using hand excavation methods to minimise disturbance and prevent further instability.Β 

The inspection pits were typically 0.4m by 0.4m in plan and extended to a maximum of 1.35m below ground level to determine the base of the wall foundation, along with the foundation details and dimensions.Β 

Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental investigations are an essential starting point for the design of any construction project as the findings can be used to avoid potential problems from unforeseen ground issues.Β 

Our investigations allowed the structural engineer to better understand the existing conditions and design appropriate remedial works for the failing retaining wall. And as a direct result of our findings a new retaining wall has now been designed and erected.

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