Topographical Survey of a Roundabout

We were recently commissioned by a client to carry out a full topographical survey of a busy roundabout.

Our client, a construction solution company, was working on behalf of an online retailer who was looking to build a new distribution centre. The topographical survey was needed to help with future highway redesign considerations around the proposed new distribution centre.

Safety first…

As this was a fully operational road we needed to ensure our surveyors were able to capture the required data safely whilst causing minimal disruption to the users of the road and surrounding areas.

Using our vast experience of working under these conditions, our land surveyors opted to use a combination of total stations (Leica TS16) and Leica RTC 360 laser scanners. The laser scan data was fully controlled using black and white targets and ground control, which allowed our surveyors to survey at a safe distance from the very busy carriageways and avoid the use of traffic management and disruption to road users.

The safety of our surveyors is always our priority. This controlled method of surveying was perfect for capturing the data safely whilst reducing the need for traffic management, saving the client both time and money.

Accurate data processing….

Once the data was captured the team got to work in the office. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to get the data extracted and cleaned before we can produce the final deliverable for the client.

The video below demonstrates the different stages involved before getting the final drawing over to the client.


You may wish to read our guide on topographical surveys for more information.

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