Setting Out with a Twist

We were approached by a long standing client, a local Residents Association Group for our help with a setting out project with a difference.

Our client needed our help to get a clear view on whether a proposed building would have a negative impact on the view and privacy enjoyed by the owners of the surrounding properties. So we got to work mixing an old technique with modern technology.

An unusual solution for the client…

Helium balloons attached to rope were released into the air at the corners of where the proposed building would be constructed. The balloons were then set out at the height of the window positions, parapet wall levels and ridge levels to effectively mimic the position of the proposed building. Two different balloon colours were used: one colour to show the total height of the building and a second colour to show the height from the first-floor windows.

Once our ‘setting out balloons’ were in place, advanced high-resolution drone cameras were used by the planning consultants to capture images from the balloons positioned at eye level of the proposed first floor windows. These images would allow the residents to see whether their privacy would be invaded by the actual windows should the building development go ahead.

Images were also taken from various vantage points to see whether the balloons were visible from the residents’ gardens, which would therefore mean their view would be obstructed by the proposed building.


Accuracy and Precision….

Whilst this was an unusual job to take on, our experience in capturing precise data meant it was an obvious fit for us. The positioning of these balloons needed to be accurate to ensure the drones captured images from the exact positions of the proposed building. Our surveyors are highly experienced when it comes to setting out surveys so there was never any doubt that the drones would be able to capture accurate images for the residents to view using our precise setting out balloons.

Benefit to the client…

Using the data captured by the drone, the local residents were able to look at the images taken to see how much of an impact the proposed building will have on their view and privacy. This information will then be used by the residents to determine whether the proposed building should go ahead without any objection.

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