Land and Building Surveying

Land and building surveyors play a vital role in the design and development of new properties and the maintenance of existing ones. They work closely with architects and builders to construct structurally sound properties that exist within all appropriate land boundaries and are safe enough to be used as either commercial or residential properties.

The purpose of a land or building survey is to identify any problems with a new or existing property that need to be resolved. Chartered land and building surveyors are also called on to offer legal advice regarding land and property disputes.

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What is building surveying?

The role of a building surveyor is to carry out surveys on new and existing properties. There are a variety of building surveys that can be conducted – including condition reports, house buyer reports and RICS building surveys (previously known as structural surveys) – all of which are designed to uncover any problems that a property may have.

Building surveyors are often employed by property buyers to conduct surveys on potential properties during the purchasing process. The aim of these surveys is to identify any issues with the property that could affect the buyer’s decision to complete the purchase.

What do land surveyors do?

Every piece of land in the UK has been thoroughly measured and officially documented. The role of a land surveyor is to measure and assess a piece of land, record legally binding descriptions of the land, and advise on land disputes.

Land surveys are required for a range of reasons, such as to facilitate the adding of an extension to a family home. Homeowners looking to extend their existing property must enlist the help of a land surveyor prior to commencing building works. The land surveyor will measure the property and identify the boundaries of its land; the surveyor will also look over the property owner’s extension plans to identify whether the completed extension would be within the boundaries of the homeowner’s land.

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