Surrey Highways

In April 2022, Ringway Infrastructure Services secured a term maintenance contract with the Surrey County Council. Over the next five years, £200m will be invested into Surrey’s highways.  

Since March 2023, our team at Technics has been working with Ringway Infrastructure Services to deliver 14 ground investigation projects on behalf of the council. 

Technics Site-specific ground investigations were carried out across 14 sites: 

  • To determine why embankments were subsiding and how to prevent further subsiding. 
  • To assist with designs for bridge repairs and replacements.  
  • To assist with designs for culvert repairs. 
  • To assist with designs for road repairs.  

Challenges to Overcome 

These projects involved working around busy high street environments which required traffic management around the roads and highways, as well as working safely around the public with minimal disruption.

Our Solution

Depending on the site requirements we carried out window sampling and rotary coring to gather information on the underlying ground conditions and structural information of the bridges, culverts and roads. Prior to the work at each site, we conducted thorough assessments of the project requirements and potential risks. We were able to minimise the disruption caused to the general public by scheduling work during off-peak times and by liaising with local businesses and residents to mitigate inconvenience and address any concerns proactively.

images of ground investigation work

Traffic Management

The majority of these sites involved working around busy high street environments which required careful planning to keep everyone involved safe. Our experience with working around busy highways meant we were able to implement stringent safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of workers and the public whilst we carried out the required investigation works on site.

Benefits to the Client 

The works we carried out at all 14 sites provided factual data to the client to help them understand why the specific areas are failing and to assist with future repair works.

Complete Solution

When opting for a ground investigation, it is important to consider the other services you need alongside it such as utility detection and topographical surveys. Our client knew the importance of carrying out additional surveys alongside the ground investigation. As such, for the majority of these 14 sites, we also delivered topographical and utility surveys, providing our clients with a one-stop solution rather than having to deal with multiple suppliers.

Michail Kamperis, our Senior Geotechnical Engineer, who led all of these projects commented “We are delighted to have been able to support Ringway with the necessary surveys and investigations to keep their projects moving forward. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service for our clients and developing close working relationships with them. We are looking forward to working with Ringway on many more of their projects in future.”

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