New Trainee – Nathaniel Collyer

In line with our people development strategy, we’re pleased to introduce Nathaniel Collyer, our newest surveying team member. We recently sat down with him to discuss his motivation for joining Technics.

Nathaniel, welcome to Technics. Tell us, what inspired you to pursue a career in Surveying?Β 

β€œI was inspired to pursue a career in surveying after completing my GVC (General Visual Line of Site Certificate), which allows me to fly drones up to 25kg. I wanted to find a career which would complement the abilities I had already learned. After researching land and utility surveying more, I found it increasingly intriguing, and I am looking forward to using the different technologies involved and learning new skills that would allow me to become a successful surveyor for Technics Group.” 

What unique perspectives or skills do you bring to our team?Β 

β€œMy GVC (General Visual Line of Site Certificate) can be applied to aspects of the land and building surveying department.”

Can you share a memorable challenge you faced in your previous role and how you overcame it?Β 

“During my previous jobs, I faced a significant challenge dealing with the coronavirus as a key worker. I used to work for a supermarket and continued to serve customers during a time when health was at risk. However, I overcame this challenge by following the new rules and being flexible in changing my working hours to allow longer days and earlier starts. Despite the unprecedented times, I maintained my usual abilities such as teamwork, remaining calm under pressure, and organising tasks, even when the number of orders skyrocketed to triple the previous amount. We all supported each other as best we could during this time to ensure morale stayed high enough to cope with this unforeseen event.”

How do you envision contributing to the company’s culture and goals?Β 

β€œI intend to use my skills to contribute to the company’s goals and requirements of customer focus, reliability, comprehensive solution, experience & credibility, and delivering the best final product for every client.”

What would you say to anyone considering a career with Technics?Β 

“For anyone considering a career with Technics, I can highly recommend the team. The time I have spent has proven to be highly professional and welcoming. I am highly appreciative of the opportunity in front of me and look forward to developing my career.”

If you would like to understand more about Technics people development strategy or discuss a current job role, please visit our careers page for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.