Ground Investigation – Concrete Coring

Our client, a well known retailer, was in the process of refurbishing a vacant retail store and needed our help to provide details of the existing floor slabs in order to proceed with the project.

How we helped…

Technics was commissioned to undertake a series of concrete cores through the floor slab to provide information on the slab construction and make-up in advance of the refurbishment of the building.

The cores were undertaken in locations specified by the client and were drilled using an electrically-powered drill connected to the mains. Limited water flush was used to lubricate the cores, enabling recovery of continuous core samples. The core holes were backfilled with concrete, as per the client’s specification, and the area was cleaned following completion of the works.

Benefit to the Client :

Not only were we able to provide the required information for our client to proceed with the next stage of the refurbishment, but we were also able to gather the information we needed quickly with minimal disturbance on site. As you can see from the photos below we left everything clean and tidy and with very little evidence we were even there!

Ground Investigations are an essential starting point for the design of any construction project as the findings can be used to avoid potential problems from unforeseen ground issues. 

If you would like to know more about how our Ground Investigation Surveys can help with your project then please do get in touch with our team of experts at our Guildford office on 01483 230080 or email