A Harbour Redevelopment

We always love it when a client returns to us following the successful delivery of a project, and we love it even more when they come to us with an unusual job to keep us on our toes!

We had previously worked for this client, a construction consultancy company, delivering a topographical survey of a large area of the harbour as part of a wider redevelopment plan. But this time they needed us to carry out a 3D topographical survey to help with the refurbishment of the harbour wall.

Following discussions with the client, who initially wanted a drone survey, our team of experts advised that data captured by a drone could lose accuracy particularly with regards to validating heights and levels. Our recommendation was to use TS16 total stations combined with an RTC scanner to create a more accurate data set and point cloud. This also gave us the opportunity to use the control stations from the surveys we had previously delivered, which meant we could check for any discrepancies between data sets ensuring even greater accuracy.

Battling the Tides…

Whilst this may sound like a standard topographical survey that our experienced surveyors could deliver with ease, we had the complication of having to battle the tides to capture the required data. At high tide a large amount of the harbour wall was under water so our surveyors needed to wait for low tides when the wall was visible and then work quickly and efficiently to capture the data during the small window of time that the low tide offered.

Even with the most meticulous planning, it wasn’t possible to capture all of the required data on the first evening as the tide had not retreated far enough. Rather than settle for the data we could capture, our dedicated surveyors returned the following evening to capture the remaining data. We mean it when we say we will always go above and beyond to get the required results for our clients!

Accurate Data Processing…

Once back in the office our experienced technicians got to work processing the data. The scan data was processed using Cyclone Register 360 software, with the topographical data processed using N4ce software. All data was checked carefully and was found to be well within the desired tolerances. The 3D topographical drawing was then drawn up and sent to the client within the required timeframe.


A Collaborative Approach…

This project was a great example of how our team of Customer Relationship Managers and Surveyors work closely with the client to ensure the approach and services we provide are the right ones for the job. We work hard to understand what our clients need and then pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to develop the most effective solution to meet the clients requirements.

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