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GPS Control (GNSS)

Global Positioning System / Global Navigation Satelite System

A GPS receiver makes use of the network of orbiting satellites above the earth allowing precise positioning on the ground referenced back to the UK national GPS network..GNSS is the latest method of improving the reliability and accuracy of GPS by combining all the key world wide satellite systems into one interoperable system (USA “GPS”, Europe “Galileo”, Russian Federation “Glonass”. Soon China).

Technics Group uses GPS to supplement Topographic surveys, to undertake complete surveys of large areas, to determine height benchmarks to the National datum (OSDN) and to position primary site control points.

We can provide you with:-

  • 2D Topographic Surveys
  • 3D Digital Terrain Models
  • Levelling to the National GPS Network
  • Consultation and advice on achievable accuracies

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