Happiness at Work

Did you know recent studies have suggested that happy employees can be up to 30% more productive in the workplace than employees who are unhappy? Increased productivity obviously improves business profitability, but for us the happiness of our employees means so much more than that.

It’s deep rooted in our company values… Employee support, development and recognition no doubt help drive excellence across our team, which in turn helps us to deliver projects and build client relationships to the high standard we set at Technics. After all, delivering excellent customer service is at the heart of everything we do. By ensuring our employees are happy at work, it means our clients have access to motivated, passionate and engaged members of the team.

For us happiness at work is more than just the occasional night out or team building away day, although we do love the social side! We think happiness is about job satisfaction, employees feeling valued, engaged and understood and most importantly it’s about creating an open, honest and friendly working environment.

So to mark #HappinessAtWorkWeek we thought we’d share some of the things we do to ensure the happiness of our employees….

Making the world transparent is a phrase we use a lot at Technics, in fact it’s our Vision Statement. But it also extends to our staff. We believe we’ve created a working environment based on being open and honest. Every member of the team, regardless of their position, is encouraged to share their thoughts, feedback and ideas. We are open with the whole team and make every effort to share company news, successes and challenges. Two way communication is crucial to staff engagement.

We continuously invest in training and development from the moment an individual joins the team. This year alone we have promoted 7 members of the team and a number of our employees have completed or are working towards various training qualifications as part of our Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) training programme.

We are committed to improving the working lives of employees by helping them to achieve a happy work-life balance. Whether it’s working from home more regularly or being flexible around working hours, we do whatever we can to ensure our team have a work-life balance that works for both us and them.

The mental wellbeing of our people is hugely important to us. We are always looking for ways we can incorporate wellbeing initiatives into our working life at Technics. This year we’ve taken part in a number of wellbeing initiatives all designed to boost the mental wellbeing of our employees. Initiatives such as :

  • Brew Monday organised by Samaritans, which was essentially a virtual coffee morning to check in on each other and have a coffee and chat together during lockdown.
  • On Your Feet Britain encouraging staff to get away from their desks, get outdoors, breathe in the fresh air and clear their minds throughout the working day.
  • Mental Health Awareness day focusing on connecting with nature to boost wellbeing.

Recognising our employees is something we’re passionate about. Whether it’s demonstrated through recognition vouchers, celebrated in the quarterly staff newsletter or rewarded with a simple thank you… We will never underestimate the importance and value in celebrating the success and achievements of our people.

And finally we’ve worked hard to build a team of people who respect, support and encourage each other. We genuinely do live by our values and our people are our best example of this. The past 18 months have been tough on everybody but the support, positivity and a little bit of banter along the way has got us all through it.

As you can see ‘happiness at work’ is a combination of so many things for us here at Technics. But who better to hear it from than our fabulous employees… so we asked the team what happiness at work means for them. We’ll admit to feeling extremely HAPPY with the responses we received… we’re obviously doing something right!

So, if Technics sounds like a company you’d like to work for, then do visit our recruitment page to view our current vacancies.