3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanners provide Technics with a wider range of data collection and software output for clients alongside traditional survey technology.

They’re designed to automatically capture large volumes of 3D survey points – known as point cloud – on the surface of buildings, structures and highways.

With the UK government construction strategy for projects to be fully collaborative with 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) by 2016, laser scanners provide geospatial surveyors the perfect tool to deliver Survey4BIM for major infrastructure projects.

The benefits of Laser Scanning

The risk of hazards to our surveyors in complex or inaccessible areas is significantly reduced thanks to laser scanner techniques. With a survey range of 270m all areas can be surveyed remotely with high speed data collection of up to 1 million points surveyed per second, accurate to ± 3mm.

3D laser scanners also come into their own on specific site settings, surveying detailed historic and heritage buildings. They can also provide comprehensive point cloud data for complex petrochemical, tunneling projects and industrial environments.


How is scanning data delivered to clients?

The point cloud data can be exported to produce 2D plans for Topographical floor plans, elevations and sections.

Using various suites of software Technics can also deliver the following outputs;

  • 3D wire frame line models
  • 3D rendered models
  • Trueview
  • Animated visualisations
  • Survey4BIM 3D Revit models compliant with PAS 1192-2

To discuss your project with us, please call one of our offices and speak to our Project Management team or email enquiries@technicsgroup.com