Thomson Habitats High Speed 2 (HS2) Project

Appointed by the Thomson Habitats division of Thomson Environmental Consultants, Technics has completed survey works to enable its client to deliver their C2a mitigation package for the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail project.

The purpose of the mitigation sites is to create new habitats for great crested newts, other amphibians and reptiles to be moved to once their translocation from areas along the HS2 route takes place. The work includes 37 ponds, 14 large reptile basking banks, four culverts, and an access road.

In December 2017, Thomson appointed Technics to undertake PAS 128 Utility Surveys across seven sites along the proposed HS2 route. Developed to provide greater confidence to clients, PAS 128 is a robust specification for underground utility detection, verification and location of buried services.

Following this work, from January to November 2018, Technics completed the setting out of all the environmental mitigation structures and acted as service coordinators, implementing the tier one contactor Fusion JV permit to dig system for the duration of Thomson’s works.

This activity mitigated any potential damage to buried utilities, including two 12” Thames Water mains and an oil pipeline, from the excavation works on site.

Technics’ works were completed successfully and the service we provided ensured that the buried services on site were not impacted by these improvements taking place, ensuring the works stayed on programme.

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