St James’s Street, London

One of our highlights last year was working on a Grade II* listed former banking hall on St James’s Street in Central London.

Working for Gardiner & Theobald, Technics was tasked with completing a topographical survey, traditional 2D measured floor plans, internal/external elevations and sections. Along with the 2D element of the project we also delivered a LOD 300 Revit model of the building – all of which was particularly important given the building’s historic status and the need for all works to be delivered sympathetically.

The second phase of our work followed approximately 10 months later when half of the building had been completely stripped back to the walls. At that point, Technics undertook a post strip survey to half the building and to update our original Revit model with the present site conditions. This was completed in a much shorter time period than the original survey due to the openness of the site and an updated Revit model was issued to the client accordingly.

“With a strong track record in undertaking large scale building surveys, we were able to arrange for works to be carried out to the client’s deadlines, working out of business hours to a competitive quote,” said Rob Murrain Field, Senior Surveyor at Technics.

“Bringing in laser scanning alongside more traditional survey methods resulted in time and cost savings to the client. It meant we could capture multiple data requirements in one go and the same data could be used for drawing floorplans, internal elevations and sections. If traditional methods had been used throughout the whole project only one set of information is captured at a time increasing the required time on site by as much as 50%.

“And although the Revit model can be created from 2D traditional plans, having the point cloud created from the implementation of laser scanning is helpful at the modelling stage, especially for MEP fittings of which a large number were present above the false ceilings of the offices.

The final phase is due this month when we will revisit the site and to survey the remaining half of the building and update the Revit model to produce a final data set that is indicative of the current site conditions post-strip, which will be fundamental in the redevelopment.

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