Property Development – South Coast

Technics was recently appointed by a local property developer with concerns about the boundaries of a parcel of recently purchased land. The developer was keen to start the design process however was unsure of the sites’ boundaries, its total area and consequently the volume of houses they could construct within the area.

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Survey planTechnics, with its strong track record of registered boundary clarification, was appointed to undertake a full survey of the area.

Technics’ expert team compiled all elements of the site. Results showed that the existing fencing around the northern extents of the property was not the intended boundary which was in fact demarcated elsewhere.
By undertaking this boundary survey the client gained vital extra development space and the confidence to proceed with their work.

Technics ‘Clarification of Registered Boundary Services’ asses the registered title against an accurate measured boundary survey, producing a detailed plan for the client who indicates where the boundaries are and if there are any areas of concern that may require further investigations before the design and construction process gets underway, avoiding further additional costs down the line.

With its expert team, state of the art technology and track record Technics is often appointed to provide detailed reports to support clients on projects where the architectural designs do not fit within the site extents. Through accurate survey and boundary assessments Technics’ allows its clients to make informed decisions and avoid timely and expensive boundary issues.

If you require a boundary survey and assessment please contact our Guildford office on 01483 230 080 or email