Connaught Tunnel

Technics was asked by Taylor Woodrow under the Connaught Tunnel refurbishment project to provide a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) structural survey to determine the reinforcement details of a suspended concrete slab adjacent to the entrance of Victoria Dock.

Photograph showing the area prior to the survey (Typical GPR survey access issues!)

Data was collected using a high frequency GPR antenna which provided excellent resolution of hidden features, penetrating through the surface finishes to the slab and reinforcement below. Delivery of our results to the client was achieved by combining GPR data with dimensions obtained from core drilling and using them to draw a CAD plan (and sections if required).


Using the full potential of GPR data allowed final results to be presented as a 3D model, this clearly indicated to the client the position of reinforcing beams and extent of top reinforcement within the suspended dock slab.

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