Commercial office

Technics was appointed to carry out a topographical survey and a full measured building survey at the offices of a key consumer goods company. The surveys were initially carried out on the ground, first and second floors of the offices, as well as a section of the basement with full reflective ceiling plans and a single elevation.

Once the initial project was complete, the client instructed Technics on additional sections of the basement, an extension to the topographical survey and all elevations of the building.

Appointed for our expertise and reputation in providing a high-quality service, Technics implemented the use of laser scanners alongside traditional survey methods. This enabled a more efficient use of time and reduced cost by capturing multiple data in one go. The use of this technique during the initial stages of the project also meant that when it came to the additional instruction, we had already captured the majority of the further information required and we could spend minimal extra time on site.

Laser scanning

One key challenge we had to overcome was that most of the office consisted of glass – causing reflection and refraction. Reflection can cause surveyed detail to be projected on the opposite side of the glass resulting in misleading data. Refraction of the laser going through the glass can cause a shift in both position and distance of scanned features on the other side of the glass.  In some projects this can be acceptable as the errors could potentially be minimal, but when data needs to be as accurate as possible this must be avoided. To avoid discrepancies the team cleaned all data that could have been impacted by the laser penetrating the glass.

Throughout the project we were able to meet the clients’ tight deadline, as well maintaining the quality of the data whilst working around a busy office environment.

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