Bradford Energy Network

Technics Support Low to Zero Carbon District Heating Project Β 

The Bradford Energy Network is a planned district heating network that aims to provide Low-to-Zero Carbon (LZC) heating to businesses and organisations in the city centre. The network will enable users to decarbonise their heating, while also delivering multiple benefits for the city.Β 

Bradford Energy Limited (BEL) has been established to construct and operate the BEN. This district heat network will use large underground pipes to deliver renewable heat from a central Energy Centre to buildings in and around the centre of Bradford.Β 

1Energy Group is backing Bradford Energy Limited. This team of experts has a collective experience of delivering and operating over 45 district heating projects in the UK over the last 15 years. The group has also mobilised several hundred million pounds of funding to build a series of low-to-zero carbon (LZC) district energy projects across the UK, of which Bradford is the first. This experience and funding make 1Energy one of the leading teams in LZC district heating in the UK.Β 

Technics, a leader in utility mapping, proudly partnered with Bradford Energy on a pivotal project to conduct essential surveys for the district heating pipe installation’s design and planning phase. This collaboration underscores Technics’ unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence in utility mapping solutions.Β 

Survey Areas

The journey was not without its hurdles. The Technics team faced a myriad of challenges, each demanding a unique solution and unwavering dedication. Coordination with highway authorities for permits, meticulous planning, and designing traffic management solutions for complex junctions were critical to minimising disruptions for road users. Technics’ approach was characterised by its precision and professionalism, ensuring that even the most complex tasks, such as managing hundreds of manholes and inspection coversβ€”some of which were securely boltedβ€”were handled with care. This meticulous attention to detail was crucial for safely accessing and capturing vital data, further emphasising our commitment to delivering quality results while maintaining safety standards.Β 

At the heart of our contribution to this project was the implementation of the PAS 128 surveyβ€”a benchmark in utility mapping that ensures a comprehensive approach to complex design challenges. By employing an M4P survey methodology and aiming for the highest Quality Level B, Technics set a new standard in data reliability and trust. This approach not only facilitated a transparent and dependable solution for designers but also reinforced the confidence our clients placed in our data and methodologies.Β 

This project is a testament to Technics’ expertise, dedication, and ability to navigate and overcome challenges through innovative solutions and professional excellence. Our collaboration with Bradford Energy not only highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality utility mapping solutions but also our ability to contribute significantly to the planning and execution of critical infrastructure projects.Β 

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