Battersea Power Station

Appointed by utility infrastructure procurement experts Utility Results, Technics has completed survey works to enable the redevelopment of the road areas adjacent to Battersea Power Station.

The purpose of the survey was to provide accurate 3D data above and below the ground of the carriageways and pavements. The outputs included topographical surveys and PAS 128 utility surveys with a 3D solid model output.

Utility survey

The utility survey was delivered to PAS 128 M4P, a detection method that provides a high volume of data procured from both Electro-Magnetic Locators and Ground Penetrating Radar technology.

To deliver the results to a tight programme, our team utilised the Stream EM mobile GPR to capture high volumes of data efficiently.

We also deployed laser scanning technology for the topographical survey, which captures 3D โ€˜point cloudโ€™ of the site. The scanners helped to reduce the risk to the teams on site and minimised the delays in procuring static traffic management.

โ€œThe mobile GPR system lends itself to Technicsโ€™ larger projects,โ€ said Andrew Palmer, Utilities Project Manager at Technics. โ€œUtilising the Mobile GPR on roads, car parks, runways and mass open areas, it can survey areas more quickly and fulfils the highest quality non-invasive survey level when working in conjunction with electro-magnetic locators.

โ€œThe underground surveys were challenging, particularly with the volume of varying utility providers and many of the areas surveyed being under public rights of way. With an experienced team of surveyors, we enjoy the challenge of complex surveying environments to meet our deadlines and clientโ€™s needs.โ€

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