Technics Careers – Vamsi and Harsha

In alignment with our long-term strategy to develop people in their careers at Technics, we are delighted to introduce the newest members of our Utility Mapping team, Vamsi Nidamarthi and Harsha Aknapuram. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with them to discuss their reasons for joining Technics and pursuing a career in utility mapping.

What inspired you to pursue a career in Surveying?

Vamsi: I was motivated to pursue surveying by the desire to make a tangible impact on infrastructure and society. Surveying offers an ideal mix of outdoor and indoor work, and I find using technology to map and measure features thrilling. The profession demands continuous learning and adaptation due to evolving technology such as GPR and remote sensing. I am inspired by the strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork in the field.

Harsha: When I was studying Civil Engineering as an undergraduate, I found surveying to be more interesting than other subjects. Being out in the field and encountering different situations every day was particularly engaging.

What unique perspectives or skills do you bring to our team?

Vamsi: One of my strengths is my detail-oriented approach to projects. I pride myself on my meticulousness in surveying tasks, ensuring precise measurements and accurate data recording. Also, I efficiently manage survey records and maintain a systematic approach to project documentation. I am proficient in handling multiple tasks and maintaining clear communication with the team lead.

Harsha: Every other day is a learning day, and every experience adds to my knowledge and experience.

Can you describe a significant challenge you encountered in your previous position and how you managed it?

Vamsi: During my software design Internship, I worked on complex engineering projects that required extensive collaboration with different departments. One of the main challenges I encountered was the lack of communication and coordination among the teams, which resulted in delays and errors in the project. To overcome the challenge, I implemented several strategies: improved communication, streamlined documentation, and enhanced training. These strategies led to better communication and coordination, ensuring the project was completed within the specified timeframe.

Harsha: In one of my previous roles as a site coordinator, there was always a high demand for staff during the festive period due to the increased workload. As a result, management would hire new staff, but because they were inexperienced, they struggled to complete all the tasks. I provided a lot of help and guidance throughout the day to ensure that all the tasks were completed by the specified deadline.

How do you envision contributing to the company’s culture and goals?

Vamsi: I envision contributing to the company’s culture and goals by being a supportive and reliable team member. I will strive to maintain open communication, demonstrate a strong work ethic, and contribute positively to the overall work environment. Additionally, I will align my tasks and actions with the company’s goals and priorities, while also seeking opportunities to improve processes and workflow efficiency.

Harsha: To remain motivated to contribute my best work to align with the company’s culture and goals.

What are your thoughts on the future of the Geospatial Industry and its potential impact on our company?

Vamsi: The geospatial industry has been rapidly growing with new technologies transforming the way we interact with location-based data. In the coming years, there will be increased demand for geospatial solutions across various industries. To remain competitive, we must continue to invest in research and development and stay informed about new technologies to capitalise on the industry’s promising future.

Harsha: The geospatial industry has a promising future, creating more opportunities and bringing numerous projects to further the growth of our company.

What would you say to anyone considering a career with Technics?

Vamsi: If you’re considering a career at Technics, you’re making a wise choice. Technics is known for its strong values and forward-thinking vision, making it an exciting and motivating place to work. Joining Technics means being part of a company that values integrity, sustainability, teamwork, collaboration, and excellence, fostering a positive work environment that promotes personal growth.

Harsha: It is the best place to begin your career. It provides the skills you need, adequate training, and real-time experience, and there is always room to learn with available guidance.

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