Sharing the Learning

Internal Training

We are committed to developing our people, but that doesnโ€™t always need to come from external training and qualifications. At Technics we run regular internal training days to share knowledge and best practices whilst also looking at the issues that we can work together to resolve.

Last month we held an internal training session for our Underground Surveying Department to better their understanding of how our Land and Building Surveying Department operates. Whilst the two departments carry out very different types of surveys, it is hugely important for them to have a good understanding of the requirements, challenges and complexities involved with all types of surveying. This is even more important given the number of โ€˜one stop solutionโ€™ projects we deliver for clients that have elements of both above ground and underground surveying.

With that in mind, our latest internal training day was focused on sharing and discussing the techniques and methodology used by our Land and Building Surveying teams as well as giving a deeper insight into the workflow whilst out on site. The training day comprised of a short presentation looking at Traverses, Geometry, Global Navigational Systems, Co-ordinates, Grid Systems and Security. Following the presentation, the training moved outside to give everyone that all-important hands-on experience of what had been covered in the presentation.

The topics covered throughout the session generated great discussion amongst the departments around how the two teams can work better together, as well as addressing common headaches that each department can support the other with. For example, over recent weeks it has been raised that the different types of surveying tasks across the two departments have different tolerances. The use of tolerances is essential in ensuring that surveying results are accurate and reliable. So this training session was the perfect opportunity to ensure that everyone understood the tolerances required for above ground and underground surveying as well as discussing the issues around accuracies and precisions that both departments experience.

Dave Cooke, our Head of Geospatial Technical Solutions, led the session as part of his role to enhance the staff development programmes for members of the team. Dave had this to say after the session :

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