The Year that was 2022

2022 saw the first full year post recovery from Covid and what a year it was!

Back in April 2022, we simplified our structure and brought both Sitechnics Ltd and Subtechnics Ltd into one single company… Technics Group to make it easier for clients to do business with us. But that wasn’t the only area we improved on to continuously improve the service we offer our clients.

Our previous blog post demonstrated our commitment to investing in our people. By investing in our people it gives our clients access to a happy, reliable and motivated workforce who are committed to delivering a first class service on every project.

Alongside investing in our people, we were also able to invest in our equipment, vehicles and systems to help us to continue to deliver the excellent services our clients expect and deserve. This will continue throughout 2023.

Whilst this work went on behind the scenes, we also found the time to deliver a few projects along the way. Across 2022 we delivered over 900 projects for our clients, here is a little snapshot of some of the great work we delivered…

2022 was a busy year and 2023 has got off to a flying start with over 150 projects delivered in the first two months of the year already! The great work delivered by our team hasn’t gone unnoticed by our clients either with one getting in touch to commend the team for a first class exemplary service from start to finish, with extremely high quality deliverables’. 

We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2023 has in store!

If you’d like to know more about how our services can help with your projects then give us a call on 01483 230 080 or click here to contact us.