A word from our clients: Forays Homes

Roger AtkinsonBrothers Arran and Roger Atkinson have been working together for 30 years, starting their business in August 1989. As a UK-based collaborative property developer and designer of unique luxury projects. We caught up with Roger Atkinson to talk about his work with Technics, as well as his views on the current state of the property market and the challenges ahead.

Why did you appoint Technics?

Years ago, we were working on a project where we needed a topographical survey but also other services. We began to ask around and were recommended to Technics by another company that had worked with them in the past, and who were very happy with the service they received. We have been working with them ever since.

How have you worked together?

We appoint Technics to carry out topographical surveys on a number of residential and commercial developments as well as utilising other services they provide. As a result of a very good service we have continued this working relationship for many years.

How have you found the market in 2019?

We have found the market performing at a much stronger level than we had anticipated before this year began. We are a medium-sized developer, meaning we specialise in niche developments for the middle market, as opposed to larger estates and we generally focus on new homes.

We are finding that many people had had enough of second guessing Brexit, their lives have been in limbo for three years, many of them have made the decision to move anyway. Despite all this we exercise caution, as we would be foolhardy not to. But we still have optimism around the market. I would rate the market at about an 8.5 on a scale of one to 10, in terms of where we expected to be at this point. We are hopeful this strong performance will sustain itself.

Computer generated image of a recently completed development by Forays Homes. A semi-detached house with with landscaped gardens.

What in your opinion will be the biggest challenge next year?

At the moment, the market is filled with uncertainty relating to Brexit and its repercussions. We will seek to be prepared for whatever these challenges might be, while remaining committed to the communities we are proud to be part of and the standards of quality and service that we will continue to uphold.

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