Time for Surveying 101?

At Technics, we would be the first to say that surveying has changed enormously over the past thirty years.

The days of going to site with a steel tape and manual theodolite are, fortunately, long gone, but as both site and office technology has moved on, our profession has become more complex. And with the ever-increasing pace of change, it has become harder to stay on top of the latest developments.

This matters, because each year better and quicker ways of delivering the data needed to move projects forward more effectively are evolving. These new ways of working usually provide more detailed information that can be shared widely across teams and used throughout the project lifecycle, making sure that the basis on which everyone is working is even more accurate, detailed and consistent.

We also understand that going into a deep dive on the intricacies of surveys is not for everyone, however.

So, to help bridge this gap, Technics delivers CPD sessions, improving transparency, sharing updates on the latest survey methods and technology, but focussing on how these changes can help improve project delivery overall.

Delivering to any sized audience, we come to clients’ offices, starting with a presentation that then leads into a question and answer session – usually one hour in total and usually held over a lunchtime.

The presentation starts with how the profession has evolved from analogue survey instruments to laser scanners, ground penetrating radar and mass mobile data collection. It then moves on to how we have moved from 2D CAD drawings to 3D and BIM-ready models of the above and below ground environment, plus virtual reality and augmented reality visualisations.

As well as the benefits these newer approaches bring, we also focus on standards, accuracy and output as well as the role this work can take at the early stages of project development.

Finally, we look to the future, with predictions and expectations of the next few years, followed by questions and discussion.

“It’s fair to say that clients are impressed by how useful these sessions are,” says Graham Mills, Technics’ Chairman who usually leads these sessions. “We make sure they are fast-paced and delivered with humour, and once we get into the detail of how new tech can make things quicker and easier, people are drawn into our world and how it can help enormously with their own workload. The feedback we’ve received so far has been very positive.

“The Q&A sessions at the end are especially useful – ranging from straightforward questions to make sure everyone is on the right track to the fine detail of how laser scanners actually work. It’s also a good chance for people to ask specific questions around current and future projects so although the introduction is general there are also some very helpful practical applications.”

To book a CPD or to talk further about tailoring something to suit your company, please email our team enquiries@technicsgroup.com or call our Guildford office on 01483 230 080.