Meeting the next generation of surveyors

We always have an eye to the future – not just emerging technology but our workforce, too.

So when Technics was invited to take part in The Winston Churchill School Careers Day near our Guildford offices for the first year, we jumped at the chance.

The aim of the event was to inform and inspire the students by bringing together a range of opportunities, as well as helping them learn more about the world of training and work more generally.

Over fifty businesses and providers attended the event, with displays on a range of career choices and team members involved to answer questions and discuss a range of careers with students.

We were only too happy to spread the word about surveying, with our very own Lou Prior working closely with the school to manage all the details. Although for many students the profession wasn’t one they were aware of before, our mix of new technology, design and property was attractive and stood out.

Paul Sumbler, Survey Manager at Technics, said: “At Technics we’re always on the lookout for new talent, and investing in the next generation of surveyors.

“It was a great experience to support our local schools, and students were particularly drawn to our stand by the scanners and other surveying equipment that we had on display. We left the event knowing that the students had gained insight into the surveying industry and the work that Technics does.”

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