Technics Team Take Part in PRINCE2 Training

At Technics we invest in our team and support them in their development through extensive training programmes and support, as well as first hand, on-site experience. We recently sent three of our project managers and senior client manager on a PRINCE2 training course – a leading process-based, project management methodology.

PRINCE2, developed as a UK government standard for information systems projects, explores breaking a large project down into smaller elements to ensure progress is going to plan – providing a project manager time to reflect on whether anything they’re doing is causing an over run on site. A key point of PRINCE projects is for this continual learning. It’s key for companies reporting and analysing how projects have been carried out and whether they have been successful.


  • Helps the team implement a new critical way of thinking
  • Allows entry-level insight into project management/PRINCE 2 methodology
  • Opens new ways of thinking about project viability, specifically looking at all aspects of a project to cover/mitigate risks.
  • Importance of structuring a project to make sure that the aims and goals are clear and definable within set timescales, key to keeping projects on track.
  • The highlights of applications are in the Prince methodology of managing in stages, continual assessment, learning lessons and applying/sharing knowledge & making sure to try and understand/mitigate all risks.

James Regan, Project Manager, comments: “The methodology of PRINCE2 whilst not directly relatable to all of Technics’ processes does give a good underlying structure of how to deal with and approach projects. It was really beneficial to my own personal development – something that is really important to me and encouraged at Technics.”

Andy Bullen, Senior Client Manager, comments, “The adoption of PRINCE2 is extremely beneficial in managing major infrastructure projects with multiple stakeholders where delivery on time and within budget is critical. I can certainly see the value of implementing PRINCE2 on Technic’s larger scale projects going forward.”

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