First Aid Training Pays Off

As a responsible employer we always ensure our surveying staff and appropriate office based staff undertake regular health and safety training including first aid, fire, manual handling and working at height, not to mention CSCS and confined space.

We’re a busy surveying company the pressure to cut costs and time spent away from the coalface can be enormous.

Can we justify these costs and ensure risk is minimised to our staff and others who we may effect on site?

Some may wonder if this training is worth it.


Late one afternoon last week, two of our staff members, Andy and James were preparing to leave the office for the night.  While checking the premises before leaving, they found our office cleaner unconscious in our back office.

Luckily both of our resident superheroes have had first aid training through our local St Johns Ambulance branch.  They remained calm, followed the DR ABC, called for an ambulance and placed our Cleaner in the recovery position.

Our cleaner has since made a full recovery and has returned to work.

Andy said “the first aid training I had with St Johns’ was fantastic.  When there was an emergency, my training came back and I had the confidence to know what to do”.


This is not training often put under test.  We have tried and tested procedures for site and office work which reduces risk.  The first aid training prepares and enables staff, giving them the confidence and skills to handle emergencies. 

Definitely essential!