Technics hosts HM Land Registry CPD presentation

Classic Hedge & Ditch Boundary Scenario

Sharon Rawlinson, Data Manager of HM Land Registry (HMLR) recently presented a CPD session at Technics’ head office in Guildford.

Surveyors and managers were given an informative session illustrating what HMLR do and where it is strategically aiming to go in the future.

Sharon provided insight into the issues surrounding the ongoing development of HMLR from its origins as a paper-based organisation to the modern electronic and online presence that it is now expected to be.

The audience gained valuable insight into balancing customer service and value while satisfying compliance requirements and dealing with enquiry volumes of the order of 23,000 per day. A challenging task, especially while digitally modernising their processes.

Interestingly, a lot of our work at Technics involves helping clients through neighbour issues, based upon historic plans and the fact that land use and features change significantly over time.

Evolution of the Land Registry Title Plan

Evolution of the Land Registry Title Plan (Source: HMLR)

Although today all modern plans are produced on computers, the humble paper title is still as legally valid today as it was on the day it was produced.

A HMLR title plan shows the “general boundaries” of a piece of land and not the exact legal boundaries of that title. For 99% of property titles this is more than sufficient for the proprietor.

Classic Hedge & Ditch Boundary Scenario

Classic Hedge & Ditch Boundary Scenario (Source: Unknown)

In more exceptional cases a boundary agreement or determination is required. Determined boundaries have to be precisely qualified by a professional surveyor and the documents and plans registered with HMLR. So, it’s not unreasonable that from time to time there are differing opinions between adjacent property owners which we help to clarify and solve.

We look forward to developing our relationship with HMLR in the future and ensuring Technics continues to maintain the high standards that HMLR require from their applicants



If you need property or boundary advice or a HMLR boundary or lease plan produced then please give us a call and speak to Andrew Jackson, Property Manager on 01483 230 080

You can follow the good work HMLR is doing using the link below