Technics test new GPR technology

The Technics team can’t help but get excited when new surveying technology comes onto the market; with every new piece of equipment is the opportunity to work more efficiently and effectively to the benefit of our clients. Once we heard IDS had redesigned their Duo Ground Penetrating Radar system we immediately arranged for a demonstration with Drilline Products.

The Opera DUO GPR system is the enhanced version of its predecessor, the Detector DUO product. The antenna is effectively the same as the Detector Duo with a dual frequency of 250-750Mhz, but its software interface has been upgraded to a ‘click and start’ system. Technics believes the Opera is a far more intuitive system, removing the need for calibration or adjustment of settings and enabling the user to start collecting data at the touch of a button.

IDS Opera Duo GPR Review

During the demonstration, it was clear to see that the Opera is a lot more robust and has been designed to be used in the harshest conditions; with only one connecting cable there is a lot less equipment that can be damaged.

Manoeuvrability has been greatly increased and the pivoting head helps the antenna stay in close contact with the ground, producing better and more reliable results. These results can be delivered on site with the combination of an uploaded base map, a GPS antenna or marked grid lines. Each scan can be accurately mapped and any pipes or services can be marked and directly exported straight into CAD or in a report form.



Two versions of the Opera are available; a compact and light weight two wheel system, or four wheel version, the latter of which is more stable and better suited for rough terrain.

The only shortcoming we found is the overall size of the Opera, it is still a large unit and not suitable for small fiddly areas.

If you require additional information regarding this system or advice on utility mapping of your site, please contact us.