The Charterfield Project

Tim Edwards, Co-Founder

Technics Group have just completed the latest phase of works on an on-going project with Charterfield Asset Management. Charterfield Co-Founder Tim Edwards tells us how Technics Group contributed to a successful project:

In 2010 we purchased a 400 acre site in an area of highly sensitive environmental biodiversity and national landscape designations including Green Belt, AGLV and AONB. The existing properties are Listed Grade 11 and were subject to considerable restrictions in potential development terms.

In 2011 we submitted an elaborate and complicated planning application that incorporated a significant change of use for the land and buildings. The application comprised of a new golf course (situated on 200 acres), clubhouse, maintenance building and separate hotel, spa, health club, restaurant complex and staff residential accommodation. This amounted to a total area of around 80,000 square feet of new build or extensively refurbished buildings.

The application was successfully approved by the local council in 2012.

A significant part of the submission was the existing land and buildings survey work. This became the responsibility of the Technics Group who were identified by the advising consultants as one of the few professional companies who were able to provide an extensive service incorporating all aspects of the specialty areas required.

As a key member of our appointed professional advisory team, we are grateful to the expertise and experience that Technics Group were able to bring to the table to allow us to be successful in securing a controversial and extremely technically demanding planning application.

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