Technics Try Pod Surveys

Technics Group has been instructed to produce survey data of multiple pod sites within the London Square Mile.  Renew by Media Metrica is network of high specification communication pods which conveniently doubles as a recycling point.   The survey data is being used to create planning ‘Site Packs’ as Renew seeks to expand their network to 200 on street screens targeting 3 million passing pedestrians. Working to tight deadlines the surveys are required so that the pod locations can be planned and installed before the Olympics.

Technics Group partners emapsite provided the Ordnance Survey backdrop mapping over which the pod surveys are being laid.

Brian James Renew’s Chief Operating Officer said:

“We were impressed by Technics Group flexibility, as they worked with us under tight timelines to develop a streamlined process for on street surveys.  We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

Map of podsFor more information about the pods please visit